Play KoolGamez "Apple Shooter Remastered" On Your Mobile | Tablet | Desktop Devices. Download? Not required. This cool game is the newest remake of the popular game version, the classic apple shooter game. Re Developed by the company, OrangeGames. Take aim and shoot the apple, sitting on top of the fat guys head. Simple right? Round 1 will start you off at 20FT. Every round, your distance will increase by 5FT. Away from target apple, making it more, and more difficult to hit target. Around round 5, your skills will begin to be tested. By introducing obstacles in-front of target. Oh, and you will be still getting further and further. By round 7 you will getting back about 50FT every round. Apple Shooter Remastered will have you playing for hours. Have fun! Game Instructions:

  • Playing on mobile device? Tap on screen to aim and shoot.
  • Playing on desktop? Use mouse to aim and shoot.